What are the Best Online Storage Providers?

There are many online storage providers available today that are offering plenty of distinctive services. While one is an expert in dealing with personal cloud storage services, the other is proficient in offering extensive cloud based collaboration features to the corporate sector. Each online storage provider is in the race of acing through its competitors and be recognized amongst the best. This race is quite beneficial from the customers point of view, as they get state-of-the-art cloud storage services at a much affordable rate. Though it is beneficial from the economic point of view, but on the other hand, it is confusing the masses regarding the choice of the best cloud storage solutions. Prospective users are interested in knowing which online storage provider is the best and is offering seamless unlimited storage services with utter quality. If you are also on looking to know about the best online storage provider, then keep scrolling and you’ll end up finding the one.

Best Online Storage Providers

There are many online storage providers in the market, and given their volume, it is quite difficult to rank them. The choice of the best online storage provider depends on plenty of factors, such as affordability of the user, the purpose for which cloud storage is required, and the degree of expectation. Though all these terms are quite relative in nature, still to provide a general understanding, the following are some of the prominent cloud or online storage service providers:

Apple iCloud

Apple is known for its unique product line and quality services. From iPhones to Mac devices, Apple has proved that it possesses a unique value proposition. Apart from manufacturing hi-tech products, Apple does have a cloud storage platform with the name iCloud. People usually have confusion that Apple iCloud is only for Apple products and other users cannot use it. However, in reality, there does exist some partiality, but still, it is open to everyone. iCloud offers 5GB of free cloud storage to every Apple user, which can further be scaled up by paying some premium. You can subscribe to 50GB cloud storage by paying $0.99, 200GB for $2.99, and 2TB for $ 9.99. iCloud comes preinstalled on all Apple mobile devices and is capable of backing up important files and folders including photos, videos, etc. You are also at liberty to use it for personal as well as professional purposes by storing important documents too. With a thorough encryption mechanism, your data stay safe and can also be recovered whenever required in a seamless manner.

Backup Everything

Backup Everything‘s cloud solutions have a distinctive reputation in the market. Backup Everything is known for quality cloud services that are offered at the fraction of cost as compared to other cloud service providers. The cloud solutions aren’t just cost-effective, but they are also rich in features. Backup Everything cloud storage is equipped with ransomware protection, data compression algorithm, AES-256 encryption, disaster recovery, file versioning, automated backups, customized retention rules, and compliance with regulator’s rules and regulations. It enables you to online access your files from anywhere, anytime. Its basic plan for PC or Mac backups starts for GBP 5/month, which gives a minimum of 50GB storage space per machine. If you wish to scale up the cloud subscription, then this can be done over the monthly payment of 10p for every additional GB. Once subscribed, you are also offered free setup and support continuously. You are also given access to the web portal and email services to manage subscribed cloud storage.

Google Drive

Who isn’t familiar with Google and its exceptional services? To continue the legacy of top-notch services, Google launched its cloud storage services with the name of Google Drive. Unlike iCloud, this cloud platform is completely available to everyone and it is at the disposal of the user to use it either for personal or commercial use. Google Drive comes with a dedicated mobile app for android devices and iOS devices, and a dedicated desktop app for PC and Mac users. Google Drive offers 15GB free storage and file sharing to everyone who creates a Google account. Afterward, given the volume of required storage, different cloud storage packages are available. 100GB cloud subscription is available against the monthly payment of $1.99 or $19.99 annually. 200GB package can be subscribed at $2.99 monthly or $19.99 annually. Moreover, you can also buy a 2TB cloud subscription by paying $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually. All of these premium cloud subscriptions offer Google Docs support, periodic backups of media files, notes, calendars, real time accessibility, as well as a family sharing to let the whole family share the cloud subscription. With the integration of Google’s powerful AI and search algorithms, Google Drive does give fierce competition to other cloud services.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a Microsoft designed and marketed cloud platform that is not especially for Microsoft users. But user experiences reveal that it is best for Microsoft products. For other devices, it does work fine but what operationality has been noted on the Microsoft applications or software, isn’t available on other firmware This cloud platform gets easily integrated with the MS Office 365 and non-Microsoft applications, such as AutoCAD. Unlike other cloud services, Microsoft OneDrive offers a specialized sharing option where the recipient doesn’t need to be the OneDrive subscriber to use files shared via OneDrive. With the online editing options and easy stored files transfer mechanism, OneDrive is quite famous in the remote working community. OneDrive comes with a free cloud subscription of 5GB and in case your workplace or educational institute has partnered with Microsoft, then 1TB of cloud subscription is given with Office 365. Other than this, 100GB is available at $1.99 monthly and 6TB Microsoft 365 Family for the whole family is available against the annual payment of $99.99.


With the above literature, it can be seen that how competitive is these online storage market. It is indeed very confusing for the general public to pick one and start using it. However, upon critically analyzing all online storage providers, above mentioned cloud storage providers do save quite hassle. Out of these five cloud companies, Backup Everything stands as the best online storage provider. It is so because it offers plenty of features and mere compatibility with all devices (Windows + Mac). Furthermore, its ransomware protection, automated backups, data encryption, and compression does justify its top ranking.

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