How to choose the best online backup storage solutions?

Our data is very valuable and it’s important to go to great lengths just to protect it. Finding the right methods that will protect your data will vary based on what you need. But with that in mind, here you have a list with some of the best ideas on how to choose online backup storage solutions.

Compliance for online backup storage solutions

Depending on what type of data you want to store, you will need to offer compliance with certain regulations. Some online backup storage solutions offer that, others less so. It’s important to know what compliance is it offered, if there’s need for something like that and so on. The more you know about this, the better. Usually online backup services need to protect your data and keep prying eyes away.

Accessible without problems

The best online backup storage solutions will usually tend to have very good accessibility. Some of them can be accessed via mobile apps, others online or via desktop. Most of them tend to offer all these features. After the initial backup and once you select the desired backup plan you can gain access to all files in no time. This really works well. And the best part is that it delivers a great value for the money all the time.


Do you need a special device for your online backup storage solutions? Or you can drag and drop data from your external hard drive and put it in there? These are important things to consider. Some online backup storage solutions will offer support for specific files, others less so. The idea is to find a system that works for you and with the type of item you need. It will totally be worth it if you know what to expect, so use that as an advantage and you will be fine for the most part. 

Can you test it out?

Ideally all online backup storage solutions need to have a free trial. The networked drives you have might work with this or they might not. It’s important to know what you can expect and what challenges might arise. The idea is to know what to expect and what you can do, as everything really matters and pushes things together as you go along. It’s a stellar opportunity and one that will pay off big time, as long as you do it properly and with the utmost success in the long run.

Setup process

Of course you don’t want to mess with a very complicated and not that helpful setup process. You want seamless things, that work great and which can easily be adapted to your own requirements. The last thing you need is any type of problem as you try to customize this. It’s a lot easier if you can create a backup fast and just stick to it, so do that it will totally be worth it in the long haul. We do recommend quick setup and fast installation, as well as easy access for all the online backup storage solutions.


Some of the best online backup storage solutions out there offer complete data encryption, which is amazing for safety reasons. On top of that, some services give you even more protection systems and services, not to mention you can manage encryption keys. You might even find services that help you add multiple encryption methods if needed. So if you want to keep your data safe, there are always some methods you can use to achieve that. As long as you know what you are getting into and what you can expect the payoff here will be very impressive.

Scalability and good uptime

Can the online backup storage solutions keep up with your requirements? Sometimes you might really need that extra storage, so try to keep that in mind and you will be fine most of the time. Yes, a little bit of attention and true focus on results will work amazingly well. It’s also important to have a good uptime. This way you can access your files whenever you want without restrictions.

Disaster recovery solutions

This might not be necessary for you, at least for the time being. But in case an unfortunate accident happens and you lose your data, you do want to receive some disaster recovery solutions. Which is why it can be a good idea to use online backup storage solutions that really have this kind of features. It’s a safety measure, but a very important one nonetheless.

Backup frequency for online backup storage solutions

It’s crucial to receive a backup as often as possible. Some companies offer hourly backups, others will come with daily or weekly backups. Since there are so many options it can be hard to pick the right one. Study every service and see what suits your needs. You can even use Acronis True Image to create an image of your current OS and keep it as a backup online if you want. The fact that you can use the web interface to manage and handle files can be very convenient and helpful.


As you can imagine costs are also very important. You want the online backup storage solutions to have fair pricing, which means you need to know everything they are charging for. If they don’t show all charges, chances are that they might be hiding something. And in this case that’s the type of stuff you want to avoid.

We encourage you to harness this great opportunity and try out the best online backup storage solutions that you can find online. While there are always great options, in the end it all comes down to creating a list with the stuff you need and sticking to that. It’s not always going to be easy to achieve that, but the payoff will be great and that’s exactly what you need to think about as fast as possible. Once you have the best online backup storage solutions however, your company data will be safe and you can finally focus on growth and offering better value to customers!

Backup Cloud Storage — Securing your Business’ Cloud Storage

Importance of Backup Cloud Storage

Today, majority of the businesses across the globe are increasingly adopting cloud storage— all thanks to its greater accessibility, higher scalability and reduced IT overhead. However, the security of cloud storage has eventually upturned a lot of concern for businesses irrespective of its convenience and provision of employees with easy and quick access to your organization’s data— anytime, anywhere and from any device (in fact, any number of devices).

Cloud storage services offer a brilliant cost-effective option to overpriced, locally used hardware or devices. However, performing your business in the cloud can put your sensitive data and confidential files at high risk of exposure, as cloud storage data doesn’t necessarily fall in the boundaries of the safety measures that you would have to employ to keep it safe and secure on-site.

Moreover, the emergence of the connected office technology and Internet of Things (IoT) has progressively made businesses especially small business and organizations more reliant on cloud technology regardless of the security risks encompassed. Using free cloud storage space, file sharing and sync services from unreliable providers that lack approval from the IT department is probably the key challenge affecting cloud storage security in the organization.

Take Advantage of Backup Cloud Storage Services

It is important to understand that storing your data and files in the cloud doesn’t really mean that you have a backup. To make sure your data are safe, you must go for backup cloud storage services. The best part about online backup services is that they can continuously update your organization’s files and data together with granular reviews.

Cloud service providers often offer a lot of storage that can be used for cloud backup, but how to use it safely and make the most of it, isn’t always obvious. We have shared some key rules to safely and efficiently use cloud storage as a cloud backup to safeguard your confidential and business critical data.

How to Safely Use Backup Cloud Storage Services?

The countless availability of lots of cloud based storage services has significantly expanded our options to keep our data not only safe but also quick accessible. Although it has broadened our proficiency to think on cloud backup options, it has also greatly developed our adeptness to get it wrong. It’s now very simple to think you are backed up completely when in reality you are not, or to unintentionally expose yourself to other risks.

Here are some tips about backing up, and about cloud backup particularly—

Back up your cloud data

This the most important rule to keep your data safe. Just because the data and files are stored in the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t lose them; you might simply lose them for several reasons. Always remember— if there’s only one copy of your files and data, it’s not backed up. No matter where you keep your data— in the cloud, on your computer or external hard drives or somewhere else— if you have just only copy then, for sure, your data is not backed up.

Obviously, the service provider is most probably backing up its servers regularly, but that does you no good whatever if you mistakenly delete a file or fail to save a file after long correction— or worse, your online account gets hacked and everything is deleted by the hacker!

You must choose online backup service to backup the data, or you are at high risk of losing all of your important data and files in an instant.

Keep Backing Up Locally

For image backups of your computer, you need really fast internet connection. And however, having an initial backup of your computer is important to recover quickly in case of various disasters. Because of size and time issue, sometimes cloud backups aren’t much feasible for image backups. Image backups are large – and even on a high-speed internet connection, it takes hefty amount of data and time to upload the backup to online storage. So, although cloud backup using cloud storage can be a very helpful and convenient addition to an overall backup strategy, it’s in no way an alternative for local backups, nor is it a right place to keep your image backups.

Keep Your Account Secure

There is no doubt that security of any online account is very important, but when it comes to the account you use for cloud backup it becomes even much more important. Security of online account cannot be taken lightly. You should keep some points in mind to keep your account as secure as you can manage, like—

  • Use strong passwords
  • Never login into your cloud storage account from public computers or networks
  • Never share credentials or passwords with anyone

It’s all about the basic internet security that should be considered and focused on, but it’s easy to get wrong and easy to overlook. And when it comes to those critical accounts like cloud backup, then extra security measures like two-factor authentication can be considered.

Backup Cloud Storage— Online Data Storage and Cloud Backups are Different!

Today, many businesses use Dropbox, Google Drive, and other online data storage websites and mobile apps to keep backup copies of critical files. And, however these types of online service providers offer unlimited free storage and are good for storing and sharing files, file sync services, limitation with online storage websites like lack of automated backups, restricted file versioning, limited backup folders, etc. prevent them from being reliable cloud backups. A consistent and trustworthy cloud backup service allows you to create automated backups of entire systems and store as many versions and copies of backups needed.

Backup Everything— The Most Trusted Backup Cloud Storage Solution for Business

Today, there are several ways for your business to create backups of critical data, and many methods to make sure your files are always available when needed. Therefore, your business needs a reliable backup plan and solution that provides maximum compatibility and ease of use across all the mediums and platforms that you need and use. Backup Everything is that solution. Trusted by many businesses across the world, Backup Everything lets your team create complete backups in a few clicks. With our award-winning cloud backup software, you can choose to backup complete systems, or restrict backups to mission critical data and files.

When disaster strikes, every minute your team is without data could be costing your money, business resources— and customers! So, when you want to restore data from a backup, a quick data recovery is crucial to getting up and running again as quickly as possible.

Backup Everything offers—

  • Quick Disaster Recovery
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Virtual Server Protection
  • Bare-Metal Recovery
  • Flexible Storage Options
  • Innovative Data Protection
  • Intuitive, Scalable Management

Backup everything provides businesses with protection, security and features that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Why Businesses Should Take Advantage of Cloud Storage?

Growing Advantage of Cloud Storage for Every Business

When it comes to storing data, cloud storage services have geared up for being the most appropriate option for storing data online digitally. In the past years, majority of the organizations used to rely on the in-house servers to keep and store their ever-growing collection of business-critical data and online files. But, today storing data and files online on the cloud servers is the next big thing as it offers unlimited storage. The best part about storing your data in the cloud is that it ensures affordability and data accessibility from anywhere in the world, and from multiple devices. Storing files online rather than locally boasts a wide range of advantages for both home as well as expert users.

This article shares some top reasons to take advantage of cloud storage.

Reasons Businesses Should Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

Disaster Recovery— Every business should have a backup plan to deal with any kind of emergency. After all, losing business-critical data can lead to huge business loss. The foremost advantage of cloud storage is the perfect disaster recovery backup plan for the businesses of every size and industry. It creates and safely keep a backup of the files stored remotely. These files are stored at a remote location and can be accessed and retrieved at any time.

Accessibility and Usability— With local file storage, we can only get access to the data from a particular location. But, with the cloud storage, data can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks and an Internet connection. All you need to do is to drag and drop the files in the cloud storage. Thus, the stress of transferring files back and forth between multiple devices is eliminated.

Security— Saving important data and files in the cloud, a business can be assured that their business’s privacy and security is safe. The cloud storage is housed in a data center, offering enterprise-level security as the server data is distributed across redundant servers and the data stored in the public cloud is preserved against any type of hardware failure. There is no single point of failure in the cloud because of the fact that the data are backed up to multiple servers. That means, if one server crashes, your data remains because it is stored in other locations as well. The potential risk of hardware malfunction is reduced as the data is safely stored in redundant locations.

Cost Efficiency— Businesses and organizations can significantly reduce the annual operating costs by using the cloud storage— as the costs of using backup tapes or external hard drives are eliminated, thus reducing the cost of time needed for complete manual routine backups. Organizations don’t have to hire extra IT staff to do the work or spend extra money on additional expensive servers that need regular maintenance. Online data storage solutions offer plenty of storage space to store files and data safely in the cloud, and often for pretty low, affordable costs.

Space Efficiency— When you move data in the cloud, it doesn’t have any physical presence on your hardware and devices. It will no longer occupy valuable storage space since the cloud storage provider is the one offering the space to store all the important data virtually.

Automated Cloud Backup— The biggest concern among majority of the business owners is the pain to create data backups and schedule the backup regularly in a way so that the daily work doesn’t get held back. With today’s advanced cloud computing storage technology, the monotonous task of data backups is streamlined through automation. You just have to select the data that’s needed to be backed up and when it needs to be backed up, and the cloud environment will handle and take care of the rest. Backup Everything offers automated cloud backup, and make additional efforts to integrate and customize your applications as per a business’s preferences and need.

Collaboration— Cloud storage is an ideal platform for collaboration purposes— it lets multiple people to access, collaborate and edit on a single file or document in multiple devices simultaneously. The changes made in the files are saved automatically and shared with all the collaborators. It can be very annoying to send dozens of emails just to share files. but, there’s a better solution— cloud storage! Whether you want to share a folder full of documents, or just a single file— cloud storage makes it quite simple.  People can collaborate in real-time.

Scalable Service— Cloud storage lets you pay for what you actually use. You can scale your cloud storage environment whenever needed and can also define the qualities of scaling the cloud. This makes sure more flexibility and bigger storage space. Now, you don’t have to worry thinking how much storage space you will require for the year, and risk paying for unused storage space or running short. You can easily adjust the resources available through the cloud storage solution providers, and pay based on your current requirements, adapting as they change.

Take Advantage of Cloud Storage with Backup Everything

No matter what’s the size and industry of business, cloud service is beneficial and help businesses to grow. Cloud storage is a great platform with less investment, more profit and it can be actively used for connecting and collaborating with employees and clients.

With Backup Everything, you are entitled to enjoy supreme benefits like less supervision, less management, and faster access to data— thus, you have more time to spend for attaining your business goals. Backup Everything is one of the top cloud storage services reviewed company, assisting clients to grow and expand their business.

How Do you Choose the Best Cloud Backup and Storage Service Provider?

Cloud backup has become a useful tool for both large and small businesses. The reason for this is that cloud backup is affordable, but also a whole lot of options for quick and easy recovery. From big service providers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services to small-scale service providers, there are thousands of vendors to choose from. Every service is offering something a bit different, so how do you know which one is the right solution for your business? Whether your requirement is to backup and/or store the entire network of your organisation, with a strict RPO and RTO, or to store simple items like images, files, or folders, there are some factors which need to be considered closely.

Storage Capacity:

The need for storage capacity is increasing considerably and so is the huge amount of digital data that organisations need to protect, save and process. With this, there is an increase in demand along with businesses’ future requirements. It is important to make sure that there is enough storage capacity in the system for multiple backups and/or storage, instead of only the recent ones.


Backups do include several sensitive information which cannot be kept anywhere one likes. Security practises of cloud backup vendors should be carefully examined and known completely. You should determine whether the data is stored using an encryption technology and the type of encryption used should be clearly communicated by the vendor. Is two-factor authentication used for preventing unauthorised access?  What protections are being used to physically keep unauthorised people out of the data centre? In contrast to this, integrating this infrastructure in-house is quite expensive and also requires continuous maintenance. However, if you offload all this to the vendor, it not only frees your resources, but also allow you get expert services. Remember that it is in the best interest of the vendor to brand itself as “the-go-to” company for data backup and storage related technologies. It is also important to confirm that the service provider you choose is compliant with the regulations of the industry.


In some cases, a vendor may charge  the same amount as another vendor. But, you need to find out if the comparison is apple to apple. Are the features and service levels the same? In case of a disaster or data corruption, you may want to access your backed up data fast, with in the specified period of time in the SLA, without any difficulties. This is the main reason why businesses need a reliable service provider. SLAs have become a good way to determine the efficiency of the vendor. In addition to this, the SLA you signed up during the initial agreement is an indication of how the vendor is prepared and how it is going to handle any future recovery needs. If the vendor doesn’t respect the SLA during disaster recovery, it is definitely time to look for a different vendor.

Data Synchronisation:

Many cloud storage service providers handle extensive data on a daily basis and that data is modified very often. This is the main reason why manual backups of data has been rendered impractical in modern businesses of today. A good service provider must repudiate manual backups through a fully automated data backup and synchronisation service offering. Backup solution features may vary between service providers, and therefore, it is essential that enterprises select the right service provider with the right features.

Self-Managed or Fully Managed:

Just because a business is hiring the service of a cloud storage service provider, it does not mean that all backups are managed by them. It is important to make every point clear in initial discussions in case you are looking for a fully-managed provider. Some service providers may provide a complete infrastructure which can be used for managing your own backups. Many times you may not even know whether these backups are working properly or not. Some may provide notifications through emails, however, it is up to you to read emails and act accordingly. On the other hand, fully managed backup service providers will manage the whole procedure from the start to the end.

Disaster Recovery:

Two very important metrics which impact the effectiveness of cloud backup and the strategy for disaster recovery is recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). While RTO is the maximum period of time that a network can be tolerated to be down after downtime (in other words, it measures how long you are willing to tolerate the downtime until your restore your data); RPO refers to how far you roll back in time by specifying the maximum period of time of data loss, going back from the point of failure to the last backup sets. These two objectives measure two different matrices, but ideally, they both should be zero or near zero, for a perfect continuity with a 100% uptime. Prior to selecting a cloud backup service provider, it is important to determine the RPO and RTO values and assure that your provider can live up to them.

Pricing Structure:

Pricing structures of cloud backup services are usually straightforward. However, there are two factors which needs to be determined, which are storage and bandwidth costs. Both of these factors are priced in GBs or TBs. Although, there are no charges for uploading data on the cloud except the monthly fees, some service provider may charge additional fees for downloading or recovering or even for accessing your data. In addition to this, there are some service providers which may set a downloading limit and your connection will get throttling your bandwidth after a certain limit is reached. Bandwidth throttling affects not only uploading, but in case of a recovery, it will increase the recovery time significantly.

The Cloud Gateway Appliances:

The cloud gateway appliances can be used either in the form of virtual or physical devices and serve as a go-between amongst the data centres and the cloud service provider. These may not be backup systems; however, they are marketed as backup and storage services as they provide synchronisation and data history. Data stored in these appliances are cached locally and replicated in the cloud, with snapshots for history. In case all data is lost or even the appliance is lost, a copy of the data can be found in the cloud. Moreover, if any file is corrupt or deleted, older versions of the files are saved as snapshots, which in turn are available as cache or in the cloud.


There are several cloud storage service providers. The need for a service provider may be highly dependent upon what your goals are. Determining several factors while selecting a service provider is essential to get the maximum of what your money is worth. Outsourcing the data backup service to a vendor that specialises in backup will definitely bring peace of mind, which comes with the fact that the company’s data is being protected securely, easily, and reliably, and that the costs associated with these services are affordable and predictable.

How Does Backup Everything Support its Partners Market and offer Cloud Backup, Cloud Storage and DR Services?


With a number of cloud service providers biting the dust and any number of subscribers bemoaning the day they transitioned their data to the cloud, cloud services have gained disrepute. But, it should be noted that there are more successful cloud companies than those who failed! So, what makes a company a success or a failure? Let us study a successful company like Backup Everything to understand the why and wherefore of its success.

Delivery is a measure of reliability. Backup Everything (BE) partner programs stress on the importance of delivering on promises. Since BE reach out to the market, partly, through their distributors and resellers—this is saying a lot for the company and its marketing policies.

Partners Carefully Scrutinised

BE has put in place a strong partner evaluation program to ensure that their partners deliver just what is promised to their customers without fail. Hence, signing up to a partner program with BE is not an easy task. Aspiring partners are strictly evaluated and their history is carefully scrutinised before they are accepted. BE strongly believes that failure of its partner is also its failure. BE does everything to ensure that their partners do not fail and the deal BE makes with its partners carries weight in the market.

BE Goes Extra Mile

BE encourages its partners to write and follow a well documented Business Plan; an effective Marketing plan and a sound financial plan. BE assist its partners draw up these different plans; train them wherever and whenever necessary and even help them define strategies that will create and sustain their business for them.

BE Enables Partners

Cloud backup and storage service providers are expected to take responsibility for their customers—directly or indirectly. When BE partners sign up, they agree to take on responsibility for the welfare of their customers, and the success of their business.

However, the ultimate responsibility for the functioning of the software and the security of customer data is retained by BE indirectly, at all times. On the ground, it can be noted that partners purchase blocks of space on BE infrastructure, and are permitted to re-brand the software/documentation and sell the services under their own banner. But, BE keeps a light hand on the reign, so that customers can rest assured that the security of their data will never be compromised by the antics of a partner.

BE Takes its Partnerships Seriously

Cloud backup service companies that take their business seriously are bound to succeed. BE certainly expects its partners, distributors and resellers to take their business seriously. BE devotes a lot of time and money to researching on market requirements and customer needs and offers products that address those very needs. BE communicates these changes regularly with its partners and keep them updated on the latest developments in the software. Partner forums, training sessions online and offline are organised to reach out to partners and keep them on their toes. BE makes sure that it has the right talent on board at all times.

Customer Support

Customer support is an important adjunct to cloud backup services. BE customers receive both online and offline support. FAQs, Knowledge repositories, blogs, customer forums, phone support, customer care portals, email support —you name it, and BE has it all. Customers can also contact experts for clarifications / grievances by email or chat or telephone.

BE is aware that success comes from commitment. Commitment results in meticulous planning and execution of business plans; marketing plans or financial plans—irrespective of whether the marketing is done directly or indirectly.

Restores on Demand

BE cloud backup products — BE BusinessBE White LabelBE StorageCraftBE Cloud-to-Cloud, and BE Big Data — combine its unique technology with a fast interface to create a powerful disaster recovery solutions. The BE technology ensures that data is available the moment it is required — with fast download — to get the business up and running quickly and efficiently.

Structured System

Structured storage facilitates structured recovery. Whatever the flavor of the backup that is initiated on BE infrastructure technology, the software automatically kicks in. Files and folders in the backup set are organised efficiently and effectively. Each file and folder is stored with a date and time stamp and revisions of files/folders are incrementally stored with references/pointers to the original data where no changes have been made. This organised storage methodology empowers the user and allows them restore files and folders or revisions or backup sets with ease.

Accessible Anytime from Anywhere

BE permits real time recovery of all kinds of data over the Internet. Unlike tape backups, cloud backup and online storage repositories are accessible 24x7x365 and there is no time loss involved in setting up any kind of recovery process. Users can log in to their BE account and navigate to the specific files and folders they wish to download, as if they were operating on directories on their local hard drive.

Hot or Cold Sites

The business implication is that data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and from any machine using web-browser based interfaces that require no installation or maintenance. Bare metal restores become a reality. IT Admins can restore data to an entirely new set of hardware at a different location using local Internet connections and web browser based applications. They can set up well organised data repositories with required security protocols for hot sites or cold sites or even temporary sites for specific operational purposes taking advantage of SaaS and cloud computing services. This also makes legal compliance easier.


The local bandwidth usage remains unaffected during the access or download of information when remote users and mobile workers log in for business operations from their operative location. The remote system connects to the Internet using bandwidths available at the remote station!

Defined RTO

Interestingly, BE’s technology allows users define recovery time objectives (RTO) for their organisations by taking a layered approach to backup. The settings can be tweaked to send data to the remote, secure data centre, but also to a local removable drive for near instant restoration. Existing NAS devices can be pressed into service and used to backup data both to the remote server and the local drive simultaneously, and recover it in accordance with the RTO set by the organisation.

Report Generation

Built into the entire system are activity logs that keep track of all backups and restorations that are attempted with the user account. Reports can be generated from these activity logs for managerial decision making and action. The BE settings can be tinkered with to schedule the generation of these reports at periodical intervals or ring alarm bells when unauthorised users attempt to restore data to local or remote machines from the local or remote data repository. BE software can be set to trigger off alerts whenever a backup is complete or incomplete, or a restoration has gone or not gone through as planned.

BE offers a number of products, and partners are welcome to choose and pick on which products they want to partner with. BE is always ready to support its partners, as the partners success is its success. Come on board and enjoy the ride. Why not contact us?

How Can You Use Offsite Backup as a Good Defence for Data Loss?

Offsite Data Backup:

Businesses understand the importance of keeping, maintaining, and safeguarding data by creating copies — also known as backups — to a remote offsite location. Offsite backup refers to the duplication of files to a separate geographical site, which can be another building or in the cloud over the Internet. Such data protection is helpful in situations, where data recovery becomes essential, and prevent any data loss which may propagates over a network.

Offsite backup solutions provide several benefits to businesses, such as increased reliability and efficiency and are based upon such capabilities and features, which most companies may be able to afford. Maintenance of infrastructure is also hassle-free, as the burden lies upon the shoulder of the service provider. Additionally, offsite backup solutions provide excellent accessibility of data through interconnected devices from with in various locations. The need for offsite data backup include the consolidation of backup operations, cost savings, and most importantly, disaster recovery.

Offsite data backup is usually performed by one of the following two ways:

  1. Physical Transfer: This involves copying files onto a removable hard drive and storing it in another location. Various sizes of data could be transported to the offsite location daily, or weekly or at any other intervals, based on the needs of the company.
  2. Automated Remote Cloud Backup: This is a 21st-century technology, which improved the manual transportation of files to an offsite location. All applications and data are backed up automatically as they are being processed, and stored on servers that are located offsite, in some cases in another country or continent. This type of backup is also known as remote backup, online backup or cloud backup.

Backup Operations Consolidation:

Organisations that are geographically dispersed may use automated offsite data backup solutions to backup their data to a central location, instead of making every branch maintain their backups on site. For this, backups will be created through WAN from one branch to another and transferred through the network to a central location. Enterprises will also be able to manage a higher degree of corporate control over its backup policies.

Cost Savings:

Depending upon the backup requirement of the enterprise and the situation within its production facilities, securing data to an offsite locations may be more cost-effective than that of creating data backup onsite. will be helpful in making efficient use of IT resources.

Disaster Recovery:

Recovery from disaster is critical. The main reason why one performs backups is to recover data in case of accidental deletion, corruption, natural disaster, and other factors that may cause data loss. If backups are properly done, recovery of data or applications become easier and effective whenever disaster strikes.

Advantages of Offsite Data Backup:

Most organisations choose Cloud backup solution for offsite backups. Organisations find cloud based automated backups to not only be easy, but also hassel-free, with just set it and forget it approach.

As the most chosen method of backing up, cloud backup provides the following advantages:

Reduced Workload: Up until cloud backup technology was introduced, data backup was performed by a designated IT person, who would copy or manually create a backup for data and files. This was time-consuming and required staff to spend additional working hours into their work schedule just to handle the backups. However, modern day cloud backups can be created with a couple of clicks, and can be scheduled to run the backup jobs when you are away, making the data recovery a breeze.

  • Reliable: Automation is the greatest advantage of remote based cloud data backup. Files and folders are updated regularly or time can be set for the task. Since, all backups are created over the cloud, it can be recovered easily and quickly. Additionally, servers through which data can be accessed can be set up in geographically dispersed locations, which ensure that backed up data is available and accessible even if a server crashes.
  • Secure: Cloud backup service providers place their servers in secure locations, which means that data is secure physically. Advanced encryption tools are orchestrated into the system, which will help in keeping data transfer secure in the cloud.
  • Easy Setup: Data backup companies are the specialists in the field, and knowledgeable staff run the system in the background, making sure that the backup jobs are done as scheduled. Backup solutions can be setup with a few clicks, assuring that data is backed up instantly.
  • Money Saved: For larger organisations, where there are various end-point devices, with a huge amount of data that needs to be backed up on a regular basis, storage media could get very expensive. Cloud storage solutions are billed on a monthly basis, and provide nearly unlimited storage space, but charge you on a pay-as-you-go basis plan. Companies with a huge amount of files and applications to be backed up, and those with mandatory data backup requirements will definitely find cloud backups to be a good option to save some money.

Exponential Data Growth and Storage Space:

As the need to store data increases, the challenge of storage space increases, which arises the need for optimising and managing data protection processes. Enterprises may come to realise that data they have may not just fit in one tape or hard drive. Additionally, employees may forget to change storage device every day. This is the time when a fully automated backup solution becomes essential for businesses. Most organisations consider offsite data backup to be the solution of the problem. A reliable and secure data protection solution is essential for a disaster recovery plan. No matter what the size of your storage that needs to be backed up is, offsite data backup solutions allow maintaining a current backup of data at a distant, safe and secure remote facility.

How Offsite Backup Works?

Special applications designed for backup solutions are installed at the servers. These applications compress and then encrypt the data before transmitting it through the Internet to the offsite data storage facility. All the data is backed up when servers are running. This way, for the organisation using this solution, the cost associated with servers or with application downtime is reduced. Moreover, special application agents provide the opportunity for real-time backup of SQL, Exchange as well as other databases. The moment data is transferred to the storage vault, it is safely and securely stored. Also, the data remain encrypted until it is restored on the computer of the client. Only those who have the password to that vault will be able to access the backed up data.


Up till now, it has been very common that creating backups is an essential data security practise and many organisations are creating offsite backups, which are automated, and cloud based. Advanced technology and new paradigms, like object storage services and cloud-based backups, allow safe and secure data backups. With online data backup solution, both individuals and businesses are able to safely and securely create data backup at a remote facility almost instantly. Your data is very valuable. Never take a chance when the question is about security and privacy of data. Offsite backup solutions are effective in maintaining data security, as all valuable business data is saved at a remote facility, encrypted so that disaster recovery plans do not fail.

Backup Everything urges you look into cloud based data backup solutions for your business and extends its hand to bring you up to speed on the subject. Contact us today.

What are the Advantages of Cloud Storage and Why Your Organization Needs It?

Advantages of Cloud Storage— What is Cloud Storage?

The Advantages of Cloud Storage allows your users store data in the cloud, instead of storing in servers, and accessing it through the internet connection. Cloud storage is an online service which lets you store, back-up and remotely access your data and files – from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Although on-site solutions are a feasible option for data storage, but today more and more businesses and organizations are relying on cloud storage services because of the ease and the advantages to the bottom line, and obviously the safest data centre. With Cloud storage solutions, you can maintain, manage, and back up your important data remotely, and you don’t have to keep up any on-site environments. This reduces the requirement for big capital investment to buy and renew on-site servers, which can be little costly. Instead, you can choose to pay annual operating costs or monthly cloud-based storage options, whichever meets your organization’s need and demand.

Advantages of Cloud Storage for Sensitive Data

Without any doubt, data is considered as a company’s most valuable asset. However, the safety of that ‘important’ data continues to be a big challenge for businesses of every size and industry.

When it comes to storing data, cloud storage solutions are becoming the organization’s first choice. Storing files remotely instead of locally has several advantages for both home and professional users.

Knowing the advantages of cloud storage and what it means to you and your company can help you make the best decision that best suits the data storage needs of your organization. So in this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of cloud storage and how to make the most of it.

6 Important Advantages of Cloud Storage for Every Organization

Here are the top advantages of cloud storage services your business can exploit—

1. Cloud Storage is Cost Effective

Cloud storage services reduce the cost related to traditional backup approaches, offering sufficient storage space in the cloud for a small monthly or annual fee. With a Cloud environment, the physical devices meant for storage is the responsibility of cloud service provider, and not the organization, which eventually results in huge cost savings for an organization. There is no need to invest in and maintain their own on-site resources (i.e. physical servers or tapes).

Another advantage of using cloud storage for your organization is, you only have to pay for the storage space that is in use, and not for the unused space that may be required in future. You only have to pay for the resources you use.

2. Cloud Storage is More Secure

Sensitive or private information stored in the cloud is usually more secure data than storing it locally, especially for small business owners. Cloud storage solutions ensure no unauthorized users can access the data backup by encoding the data both during transmission and while at rest. Imagine if your organization’s important data gets encrypted and you cannot access it, and the only option is to pay a hefty fee to get it back— it will adversely affect your organization. Nowadays, ransomware attacks are on the rise, and the reason is quite obvious— eventually, the organizations will pay to decrypt their data. Any organization can be an easy target for a data breach— because it doesn’t matter to hackers how big your organization is or which business industry you are in!

With reliable cloud storage, you can employ high-level security controls to protect your business’s sensitive or private data against threat players. Choosing a reliable cloud storage provider can help you in many ways including testing for drawbacks, planning for vulnerabilities and remotely backing up your organization’s data and information. When you store data in the cloud, you can make your data even safer and more secure by choosing a backup plan which can help you at the time of disaster recovery. It also helps you with proper and timely data management. Sooner or later, disaster can hit anyone, so it is strongly recommended for organizations to be proactive and have a strong disaster recovery solution ready.

3. Cloud Storage Offers Scalability

When you store data in the cloud, it can help you take full benefit of increased scalability. Whether your organization needs to be able to easily scale up and down, or your organization is experiencing significant growth period, or whatever may be the reason, you can profit from advantages of cloud storage to expand and go down with the file storage requirements on-demand, with only a few steps.

4. Cloud Storage Offers Better Accessibility

Storing your organization’s sensitive and confidential data to the Cloud has several advantages for your employees. Do your files and data need to be shared across different departments, among team members, or need access from a remote location? Storage of data and files in the Cloud means that your content can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

5. Cloud Storage is Energy Efficient

An added bonus of shifting your data and files to the Cloud is the saving your organization’s electricity bill. As discussed earlier, with on-site storage solutions, an organization would usually be liable for buying, provisioning, and upholding their overall IT infrastructure – this adds to your monthly electricity bill! You can experience up to 90 percent reduction in overall energy consumption by switching to the cloud.

6. Cloud Storage Offers Automated Cloud Backup Plan

Backing up your data in the public cloud can be challenging and boring. And the biggest issue most businesses and customers have with backing up data is following through; it basically just does not get completed. Online data storage services make the tedious process of backing up easy and simple to achieve through automated cloud backup solution. All you need to do is to choose what, when and how often you want to backup the data, and the service does the rest.

Maximize the Advantages of Cloud Storage Today with Backup Everything!

The good news is, maximizing advantages of cloud storage doesn’t have to be tricky! But, choosing the best cloud storage option to meet your organization’s unique requirements and needs can indeed be unapproachable. Backup Everything has significant experience and expertise in planning and implementing Cloud-based environments that best meet your organizations growing demands. Contact us to know how to choose and implement the right cloud storage option for your organization. Let Backup Everything help you expand and safeguard your IT infrastructure by leveraging cutting-edge Cloud technology today!

Windows Server Backup— A Quick, Yet Efficient Backup & Recovery Option

Windows Server Backup— For Best Backup and Recovery Option

Windows Server Backup WSB is a feature that offers backup and recovery options for Windows server environments.

Over the past few years, Windows servers have indeed taken a huge jump. They are more secure and deliver added benefits to keep your data and files safe and secure. Nevertheless, you should always be geared up for the worst-case scenario. You might finish off losing your critical data because of many reasons. To keep it safe and protected, you can simply rely on the Windows server backup solution. You can easily create a second copy of your server and prevail over any unexpected situation of data loss of course.

Why Use Windows Server Backup?

Today the global cyber attacks have made businesses and organizations to concern about windows data protection than ever before. Unfortunately, many organizations are not protecting important information from data breaches and malicious software. Denial of service attacks and other accidents can lead to distrust between organizations and clients, so it is always advised to get data protection in the form of a server backup.

A windows data breach can significantly affect an organization’s day-to-day revenue flow and reputation, which leads to a domino effect of consequences. Any loss of server data, either temporarily or permanently, causes hefty fines for businesses that work in highly regulated industries. Clients and employees don’t always realize the importance of staying updated with their protection plans, but that’s where you need a professional. Data protection for windows servers has been exceptionally popular and profitable among the biggest businesses and corporations because it can be trusted and it’s very reliable.

As susceptible business look for the different options to protect their organizations, they find that they don’t have in-house technology, expertise, staff or time needed to build and manage a successful disaster recovery plan. Thus, when encountered with the strenuous task of developing a recovery strategy for lost critical data, a business will often choose managed services provider to help safeguard their windows server data and alleviating potential revenue loss.

If you use Windows Server Backup to schedule a regular backup to an internal hard disk or removable disk, it’s very easy to perform full backups and restore of the entire Windows operating system. You can perform a backup of the file system without losing out any important data.

Benefits of Windows Server Backup

Here are a few benefits you enjoy opting windows server backup—

Agnostic Operating System

The evolution of new technologies has made it more user-friendly. The computers are not as complex as it used to be in early days. However, there are still challenges to getting a new device, learning and understanding the latest operating system every time we get a new computer can be tiresome.

Everything won’t change, but still, there are ways to ease the switch from old devices to new ones. By getting an advanced windows server backup WSB you can be assured that your hardware is installed correctly and is reliable and constant with the rest of the office. This method, perfected by Backup Everything, is not tied to an operating system, letting you restore any windows operating system. Agnostic systems also cut down the time it takes to resume work by easily restoring important data.

Increase Your Company’s Revenue

In today’s technology driven and tough competitive market, developing a long-term relationship with your customers is crucial. Not only do long-term backup solution contracts give you with a stable and foreseeable recurring revenue stream, but they also endorse you as your customer’s reliable disaster recovery specialist. This trust will let you offer additional services with better revenue potential.

Help Retain Existing Customers and Earn New Customers

Businesses today are actively looking to enhance efficiency by refining partnerships and relationships within the same organizations, rather than dealing with multiple Information Technology (IT) vendors. The more advanced services you can offer, including significantly and logically managed cloud storage services,

The more you enhance the opportunity of maintaining an association with your customer. Thus, providing your clients the windows server data protection even before they face any cyber attack shows your reliability as a business which aims to protect, rather than only improving the revenue. After all, windows server backup is like insurance; it should be considered in case of any disaster and not in the aftermath of one.

Maintain Your Reputation

Probabilities are if a company’s crucial data is lost, you will become a scapegoat for the organization. No matter what actual fault is, an organization will often charge the innocent because the cyber attackers are generally untraceable. In such cases, choosing backup and recovery services will protect your organization from any allusion of guilt should disaster hit.

In the case of windows server backup services, being a reliable resource of information is essential to guide your customers about the real occurrence and consequences of online data breaches. Developing your business’s credibility and your reputation as a reliable association will also help in building your client’s reliability, improving the entire partnership for potential collaboration.

Easy Deployment and Management

Deploying a cloud-based windows server backup solution is simple and quickly carried out when you choose a cloud backup provider that has proficiency and ability to integrate it seamlessly. This efficient process offers a one-time install process which removes the old-fashioned system of hardware packages that used to mess software setups. You can choose to have a regular backup schedule which reduces the odds of data loss.

Server Updates

No matter what any company tells you, technologies keep on updating and advancing. If you want your organization to be ahead of the competitors and stay on top of the market, you need to be updated, and keep your organization’s resources updated as well. Fear of losing the company’s critical data and files should not stop a company from growing. Server backups are extremely important, and we, Backup Everything help in avoiding data breaches and software malfunctions.

Backup and Restore Exchange Server with Windows Server Backup

Windows Server Backup WSB can be used to back up and restore Exchange databases. Exchange includes a plug-in for WSB that lets you make Volume Shadow Copy Service VSS based backups of Exchange server. Backups taken using windows server backup occur at the volume level, and the only way to carry out an application-level backup or restore is to choose an entire volume. The backup can be created on a local disk or on a remote network share. It is advisable to take full backups only. Log truncation will occur only after a successful completion of a VSS full backup of a volume or folders holding an Exchange database.

Windows Server Backup

Now is the time to add windows server backup services to your organization and reap the benefit of the increasing demand from businesses of all size and industries. Backup Everything is an extremely efficient, fast, and secure Windows server backup solution provider that is sure to offer exceptional support to its users. With Backup Everything, you can easily and very efficiently take an entire backup of your system on the cloud. Backup Everything supports the backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange server, as well as image backup of the entire Exchange server, with automated cloud backup options. Also, you can perform a bare metal backup of the complete windows system.