Backup Cloud Storage — Securing your Business’ Cloud Storage

Importance of Backup Cloud Storage

Today, majority of the businesses across the globe are increasingly adopting cloud storage— all thanks to its greater accessibility, higher scalability and reduced IT overhead. However, the security of cloud storage has eventually upturned a lot of concern for businesses irrespective of its convenience and provision of employees with easy and quick access to your organization’s data— anytime, anywhere and from any device (in fact, any number of devices).

Cloud storage services offer a brilliant cost-effective option to overpriced, locally used hardware or devices. However, performing your business in the cloud can put your sensitive data and confidential files at high risk of exposure, as cloud storage data doesn’t necessarily fall in the boundaries of the safety measures that you would have to employ to keep it safe and secure on-site.

Moreover, the emergence of the connected office technology and Internet of Things (IoT) has progressively made businesses especially small business and organizations more reliant on cloud technology regardless of the security risks encompassed. Using free cloud storage space, file sharing and sync services from unreliable providers that lack approval from the IT department is probably the key challenge affecting cloud storage security in the organization.

Take Advantage of Backup Cloud Storage Services

It is important to understand that storing your data and files in the cloud doesn’t really mean that you have a backup. To make sure your data are safe, you must go for backup cloud storage services. The best part about online backup services is that they can continuously update your organization’s files and data together with granular reviews.

Cloud service providers often offer a lot of storage that can be used for cloud backup, but how to use it safely and make the most of it, isn’t always obvious. We have shared some key rules to safely and efficiently use cloud storage as a cloud backup to safeguard your confidential and business critical data.

How to Safely Use Backup Cloud Storage Services?

The countless availability of lots of cloud based storage services has significantly expanded our options to keep our data not only safe but also quick accessible. Although it has broadened our proficiency to think on cloud backup options, it has also greatly developed our adeptness to get it wrong. It’s now very simple to think you are backed up completely when in reality you are not, or to unintentionally expose yourself to other risks.

Here are some tips about backing up, and about cloud backup particularly—

Back up your cloud data

This the most important rule to keep your data safe. Just because the data and files are stored in the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t lose them; you might simply lose them for several reasons. Always remember— if there’s only one copy of your files and data, it’s not backed up. No matter where you keep your data— in the cloud, on your computer or external hard drives or somewhere else— if you have just only copy then, for sure, your data is not backed up.

Obviously, the service provider is most probably backing up its servers regularly, but that does you no good whatever if you mistakenly delete a file or fail to save a file after long correction— or worse, your online account gets hacked and everything is deleted by the hacker!

You must choose online backup service to backup the data, or you are at high risk of losing all of your important data and files in an instant.

Keep Backing Up Locally

For image backups of your computer, you need really fast internet connection. And however, having an initial backup of your computer is important to recover quickly in case of various disasters. Because of size and time issue, sometimes cloud backups aren’t much feasible for image backups. Image backups are large – and even on a high-speed internet connection, it takes hefty amount of data and time to upload the backup to online storage. So, although cloud backup using cloud storage can be a very helpful and convenient addition to an overall backup strategy, it’s in no way an alternative for local backups, nor is it a right place to keep your image backups.

Keep Your Account Secure

There is no doubt that security of any online account is very important, but when it comes to the account you use for cloud backup it becomes even much more important. Security of online account cannot be taken lightly. You should keep some points in mind to keep your account as secure as you can manage, like—

  • Use strong passwords
  • Never login into your cloud storage account from public computers or networks
  • Never share credentials or passwords with anyone

It’s all about the basic internet security that should be considered and focused on, but it’s easy to get wrong and easy to overlook. And when it comes to those critical accounts like cloud backup, then extra security measures like two-factor authentication can be considered.

Backup Cloud Storage— Online Data Storage and Cloud Backups are Different!

Today, many businesses use Dropbox, Google Drive, and other online data storage websites and mobile apps to keep backup copies of critical files. And, however these types of online service providers offer unlimited free storage and are good for storing and sharing files, file sync services, limitation with online storage websites like lack of automated backups, restricted file versioning, limited backup folders, etc. prevent them from being reliable cloud backups. A consistent and trustworthy cloud backup service allows you to create automated backups of entire systems and store as many versions and copies of backups needed.

Backup Everything— The Most Trusted Backup Cloud Storage Solution for Business

Today, there are several ways for your business to create backups of critical data, and many methods to make sure your files are always available when needed. Therefore, your business needs a reliable backup plan and solution that provides maximum compatibility and ease of use across all the mediums and platforms that you need and use. Backup Everything is that solution. Trusted by many businesses across the world, Backup Everything lets your team create complete backups in a few clicks. With our award-winning cloud backup software, you can choose to backup complete systems, or restrict backups to mission critical data and files.

When disaster strikes, every minute your team is without data could be costing your money, business resources— and customers! So, when you want to restore data from a backup, a quick data recovery is crucial to getting up and running again as quickly as possible.

Backup Everything offers—

  • Quick Disaster Recovery
  • Extensive Compatibility
  • Virtual Server Protection
  • Bare-Metal Recovery
  • Flexible Storage Options
  • Innovative Data Protection
  • Intuitive, Scalable Management

Backup everything provides businesses with protection, security and features that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Cloud Backup Solutions — A Way to Save Business’s Important Data


Cloud Backup Solutions — A Way to Save Business’s Important Data.jpg

Cloud Backup Solutions — A Way to Save Business’s Important Data. When it comes to employing a storage and backup plan, the process is as essential as the technology behind it. Technology is a double-edged sword. On one side, modern computer and IT technologies can greatly benefit businesses from the collaboration, communication, sharing, and storage capabilities. On the other side, those using such technologies if fails to implement proper protections can open themselves to virtual attacks.

Today, most successful companies whether enterprises, small or mid-market businesses are either based online or have a strong online presence. No business owner can afford to neglect data security measures.

Nowadays the availability of low-cost cloud storage has changed the way we store and back up our data, delivering a more secure and convenient option.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Here is a quick guide about how data loss can impact your business and how to overcome this.

How Data Loss Impact Your Business?

Data is important for companies and it’s going to spell an era of innovation as companies try to balance privacy concerns with the call for more accurate targeting. Basic types of data loss include data corruption, data destruction, and illicit data access. The reasons for such types of loss are different and include infrastructure, software errors, malfunctions, and security breaches.

Productivity Disruption

The very first thing that an organization suffers from data loss is the productivity. The data loss can be because of hardware or software failure, unplanned network outage or malicious cyber attack. Lost data may take hours or even days to recover lost sales and staff downtime.

Reputation Damage

In today’s digital age, news travels faster than anything else. If your company fails to serve its clients in time or ends up in the headlines because of the data loss incident, the negative publicity can poorly damage your business reputation and that too permanently. Many organizations spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to recover their brand after an unexpected data loss accident.

Exposure of confidential information

If data is lost from negligence or someone breaks into your organization’s sensitive data, it will lead to exposure of confidential information. If affected individuals decide to take any legal action again your organization, financial consequences can be compounded.

Customer loyalty

Losing client data can damage customer loyalty, especially if client data is compromised. If your customers don’t trust your company regarding the safety of their data, they may turn to some other company. If you lose your loyal customers, it can be an uphill struggle to find new ones.

Permanent business failure

Most importantly, data loss has a number of non-financial and economic impacts on your company. The worst possible outcome is the permanent business failure. Every year, a number of organizations get shut down after facing a major data loss incident. When the financial impact and hidden costs of data loss coalesce, they turn into an outbreak that may be impossible to recover from.

Storage and Backup – Local or Cloud?

Today, there are many types of data storage when it comes to local storage or in the cloud.

On-premise or local storage, data are stored on local devices. Laptops, workstations, external hard drives, or centralized servers or other types of storage devices connected to the network fall under this category. This storage is meant for file sharing within the local network.

Having your data stored on your local network means you just need your network to access or transfer those data/files. Usually, very small organization that need to stay within their network or doesn’t care about securing their data, only use local storage. Local backups aren’t worth considering in today’s competitive business world.

Many organizations use a combination of local and cloud storage. The major advantage of Cloud Backup Solutions comes with the reliability of the data if anything accidentally happens on your office location. On worst, it could be any type of physical damage from flood or fire, any malfunction or a cyber attack. If your local server is destroyed, means all your crucial data is lost. Storing that data in the cloud makes sure that the data still exists. There is another convenience factor that makes cloud storage acceptable by most organizations. For instance, in any case, you cannot reach your office premise; you still have access to your data in the cloud through a number of devices and mobile apps.

The Cloud-Based Answer for Cloud Backup Solutions

Top cloud backup services can ensure that your data is protected. When you online backup service your data gets automatically backed up to the cloud. Cloud backup Solutions ensures that you get a quick restore of important company data whenever needed so that your business can get back to work fast.

When you choose a reliable cloud backup service provider, they understand the importance of client’s data for a business. They do everything they can to store, secure and restore those data, quickly, with full throttle bandwidths that reduce restore times to a matter of hours from days or even weeks.

It’s not worth to wait for the day when it’s gone to appreciate, instead, it’s better to protect, what you have got. Invest in good, renowned cloud storage services and make sure your hard-earned business can continue and grow under any circumstances.

How Can Cloud Backup Services Help You Prevent Data Loss?

In today’s digital world, cloud backup services have transformed the way businesses store and backup the data. Gone are the days when organizations used to mostly depended on their local servers or external hard drives to save and secure data! Most enterprises are nowadays choosing a cloud storage space from companies experienced in cloud technology, to store and backup all their important data.

When you protect your data with cloud services, it means data are not just easy to access, but also safe and secure. You can choose automatic backup to ensure your data backup is useful and seamless. Thus, it will save your resources and business time

1. Affordability

Small and medium businesses work on a tight budget. Maintaining low costs is a goal for businesses of every size. The use of cloud storage services delivers an economical solution for file protection. Losing important data can become time-consuming and costly. The risk of losing data is paramount. Cloud technology lets your businesses to restore data which ultimately assists your company cut down the costs.

2. Availability

Using cloud backup lets you have access to data anytime and anywhere. There is no need to go back to the office to access data and files, or travel around with a laptop. All you need is an Internet connection to access cloud data through mobile devices or computer.

3. Reliability

The use of cloud storage offers the best protection available and is much more reliable than other recovery services and backup data. Lost data can be quickly restored from any location at any time. With such high reliability, your employees can work without worrying about deletion or missing of important files.

4. Safety

There is no doubt; data stored on cloud backup are more secure than those saved in your hard drives, computers or offline. The reason is the minimized probability of malicious attack, virus or probability of accidental deletion. Your data will be just the way they are, as long as you don’t modify them.

5. Better IT Management

With cloud backup services, your IT department will focus on other important activities thus increase their efficiency and productivity. Think of the resources and number of working hours which you can otherwise utilize if you don’t opt for cloud backup. This also frees up much-needed space which can be really helpful.

7. Real-Time

With cloud backup services, backing up your data doesn’t interrupt your activities. All data and files are automatically saved without your input. Data saved in the cloud are easy and quick to access as they are simple to save.

As you generate more data when your organization grows, it is essential to ensure the saved data is secured and easily accessible.

8. Compatibility

Usually, people face issues due to device compatibility. With cloud-based backup solutions, it’s easy to take backups from any devices and recover it to any device without any problem. There comes no device compatibility issue with cloud storage.

Cloud Backup Solutions – Making the choice to save your business

Cloud Backup Solutions- If you have not backed up your business data in the cloud, retrieving lost data can be really expensive. To keep your backup in your own premise, you need more resources, machines and personnel.

Since the volume of digital information is increasing every day, businesses are facing the challenge of protecting this important data from unauthorized, illegal access and use.

Taking services from a reliable cloud backup provider, you will spend less on managing your data, and more on growing your business. And moreover, your data will be more secure than saving in your location.

The cloud has completely changed the data backup industry. Because of its cost-effectiveness, businesses are able to get an offsite solution that backs up all their important data automatically. The solution is simple, smart and secure, and the data is available anytime and anywhere.