GDPR Data Storage – It’s All About the Data!

GDPR Data Storage: What is GDPR?

Basically, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of laws elucidating the digital rights for citizens of the European Union. It builds on a former policy, known as Data Protection Directive, which Europe implemented back in the year 1995. Most of the ideas outlined in GDPR came from the earlier adopted regulation, and even Fair Information Practices, an older series of principles comprises of the ways customer information should be used.

GDPR in Europe represents one of the strongest and powerful data privacy laws in the world. It gives people the right to ask companies how their personal data is collected and stored, how personal data is used, and even request to delete that personal data. It has also made mandatory for companies to explain how a person’s personal data is collected, stored and used, and moreover get the person’s consent before collecting it. In this case, ‘personal data’ refers to things like person’s name, email ID, and IP address, but also pseudonymized information that can help in tracing back the person.

Under GDPR, many rights are guaranteed. You can forbid the use of personal information for certain purposes, like direct marketing. Say, if you have bought a laptop through an online store, and start seeing ads for similar laptops, you have the right to ask the retailer to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Every European citizen has these rights by law, but there are a few companies who grant them to people in another place as well. For instance, Microsoft has given all users control of their data under the new EU privacy regulation. It has a privacy dashboard that allows any user to manage and their personal data.

GDPR Article 5: Principles relating to the processing of personal data states—

Personal data shall be: (a) processed fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject,…”

GDPR Article 6: Principles relating to public interest as a basis for lawful processing states—

Processing is important for the performance of a task done in the public interest or..”

GDPR Data Storage for Business

The General Data Protection Regulations claims that data protection regulations aren’t just limited to security. Rather, it is about— the purpose of using the data, the reason for obtaining it in the first place, its accuracy, and the duration to keep it. GDPR compels businesses and organizations to acts, and take the protection of a person’s identifiable information seriously and responsibly. It imposes strict requirements on the way how business is collecting, storing and processing the personal data.

Here’s what you need to know about GDPR Data Storage

  • GDPR Data Storage give EU citizens more control over their personal information and ensures that their data is being strongly protected across Europe, no matter whether the data processing takes place in the EU or elsewhere.
  • Personal information can be a name, date of birth, address, contact number, unique identifiers, gender, personal interests, and others.

Many have a misconception that GDPR impacts big organizations only. But, this is not the case. If you actively use a database to store your customer or target information, you cannot ignore GDPR!

According to a source, “92 percent of companies rely on databases to store customer and prospect’s information.”

For that reason, no matter what’s the size and shape of a business, GDPR has an impact.

Why is GDPR crucial to your business?

GDPR covers 3 key areas that every business or organization needs to consider—

1. The GDPR regulation itself

2. The systems you use to store all your customer personal information.

3. The legal sides of the regulation and how it will impinge on the way you handle                  personal information.

GDPR Data Storage— How to Use the Cloud for Compliance?

This was the basic overview of GDPR. But, how to be safe and what can you do to meet the compliance?

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation applies to any organization that stores and process the personal information of European residents from any of the EU’s member states. Any company with a website that is gathering personal information through chatbots or forms needs to be in compliance, as your audience and customer could be anywhere.

Under GDPR Data Storage regulations, you should accurately control where and how you store data because the people you collect it from can ask you to modify or delete it any time. If you don’t act in accordance with their requests, you will be liable to heavy fines. But money and fines aside, GDPR is good for business.

GDPR presents a real opportunity for businesses and organizations to re-engage with customers and edify them about the benefits of data management and secure data sharing. People will happily grant access to their personal data if their requirements are being met.

With this approach, businesses can get ahead of the game in terms of dispelling any concerns individuals may have about how their personal best data backup is stored and used. Demonstrating that they have strong, safe and sound data governance strategies primed can really go a long way in encouraging customer trust and helping to develop strong brand relationships, something which is fruitful for everyone!

Here at Backup Everything, privacy, protection and data security have always been core to our company principles. Our mission is to improve efficiency and ensure compliance and security. We help your business ensure GDPR compliance in the cloud backup with data control features, end-to-end encrypted file management, and legal guarantees.

Here are a few ways how cloud storage can help with compliance— making happier customers, generating more profits and indeed, better businesses!

Centralize your Documents— At a basic level, GDPR requires you to know where all of the personal information and data you have collected from people over the time is stored. Businesses must conduct a content inventory where all the personal information may be stored and consolidate all of their documents holding personal data in a secure repository or cloud storage.

Backup Everything provides the perfect solution, keeping a proper track of important information and making external and internal audit processes simpler than ever. Moreover, Backup Everything ensures that end-users cannot modify data backup for business access permissions to the centralized documents, reducing the risk that files might unintentionally be shared with any unauthorized users or publicly.

Many people are using Backup Everything for data storage as we are fully GDPR compliance. For instance, an organization is creating a library to be used as a registry for all of the information needed to track about students, customers and employees. When they are audited, they will be able to present an inventory of all the crucial personal information they store and promptly identify its location whether to give access to information, modify or delete it.

Automatically Detect and Manage Files Holding Personal Information— As GDPR applies to the content of all type, maintaining a good data management is important. With backup everything, organizations can automatically detect files having sensitive personal data and build a proper workflow to make sure this data is being handled and tracked rightly.

GDPR Data Storage at Backup Everything

The GDPR recommends proper encryption to protect personal information from exposure and unauthorized access. Unlike other cloud storage providers, Backup Everything doesn’t have access to your personal data or encryption keys you manage in your files in the cloud. So, there is no risk of data breaches with us.

At Backup Everything, data security and protection are our key missions. We design and develop products and services with privacy by design in mind, so as to offer the strongest possible protection to all of our users, be it personal users, NGOs, SMBs, enterprises, or journalists. We understand that security and privacy are fundamental human rights. As the GDPR changes these rights into real-data protection obligations for businesses, our aim is to deliver the most secure solution to assist companies to meet these requirements.

No matter if you’re a data processor or data controller, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR will change how you manage personal information in the cloud. Backup Everything helps you meet the new requirements.

Windows Server Backup— A Quick, Yet Efficient Backup & Recovery Option

Windows Server Backup— For Best Backup and Recovery Option

Windows Server Backup WSB is a feature that offers backup and recovery options for Windows server environments.

Over the past few years, Windows servers have indeed taken a huge jump. They are more secure and deliver added benefits to keep your data and files safe and secure. Nevertheless, you should always be geared up for the worst-case scenario. You might finish off losing your critical data because of many reasons. To keep it safe and protected, you can simply rely on the Windows server backup solution. You can easily create a second copy of your server and prevail over any unexpected situation of data loss of course.

Why Use Windows Server Backup?

Today the global cyber attacks have made businesses and organizations to concern about windows data protection than ever before. Unfortunately, many organizations are not protecting important information from data breaches and malicious software. Denial of service attacks and other accidents can lead to distrust between organizations and clients, so it is always advised to get data protection in the form of a server backup.

A windows data breach can significantly affect an organization’s day-to-day revenue flow and reputation, which leads to a domino effect of consequences. Any loss of server data, either temporarily or permanently, causes hefty fines for businesses that work in highly regulated industries. Clients and employees don’t always realize the importance of staying updated with their protection plans, but that’s where you need a professional. Data protection for windows servers has been exceptionally popular and profitable among the biggest businesses and corporations because it can be trusted and it’s very reliable.

As susceptible business look for the different options to protect their organizations, they find that they don’t have in-house technology, expertise, staff or time needed to build and manage a successful disaster recovery plan. Thus, when encountered with the strenuous task of developing a recovery strategy for lost critical data, a business will often choose managed services provider to help safeguard their windows server data and alleviating potential revenue loss.

If you use Windows Server Backup to schedule a regular backup to an internal hard disk or removable disk, it’s very easy to perform full backups and restore of the entire Windows operating system. You can perform a backup of the file system without losing out any important data.

Benefits of Windows Server Backup

Here are a few benefits you enjoy opting windows server backup—

Agnostic Operating System

The evolution of new technologies has made it more user-friendly. The computers are not as complex as it used to be in early days. However, there are still challenges to getting a new device, learning and understanding the latest operating system every time we get a new computer can be tiresome.

Everything won’t change, but still, there are ways to ease the switch from old devices to new ones. By getting an advanced windows server backup WSB you can be assured that your hardware is installed correctly and is reliable and constant with the rest of the office. This method, perfected by Backup Everything, is not tied to an operating system, letting you restore any windows operating system. Agnostic systems also cut down the time it takes to resume work by easily restoring important data.

Increase Your Company’s Revenue

In today’s technology driven and tough competitive market, developing a long-term relationship with your customers is crucial. Not only do long-term backup solution contracts give you with a stable and foreseeable recurring revenue stream, but they also endorse you as your customer’s reliable disaster recovery specialist. This trust will let you offer additional services with better revenue potential.

Help Retain Existing Customers and Earn New Customers

Businesses today are actively looking to enhance efficiency by refining partnerships and relationships within the same organizations, rather than dealing with multiple Information Technology (IT) vendors. The more advanced services you can offer, including significantly and logically managed cloud storage services,

The more you enhance the opportunity of maintaining an association with your customer. Thus, providing your clients the windows server data protection even before they face any cyber attack shows your reliability as a business which aims to protect, rather than only improving the revenue. After all, windows server backup is like insurance; it should be considered in case of any disaster and not in the aftermath of one.

Maintain Your Reputation

Probabilities are if a company’s crucial data is lost, you will become a scapegoat for the organization. No matter what actual fault is, an organization will often charge the innocent because the cyber attackers are generally untraceable. In such cases, choosing backup and recovery services will protect your organization from any allusion of guilt should disaster hit.

In the case of windows server backup services, being a reliable resource of information is essential to guide your customers about the real occurrence and consequences of online data breaches. Developing your business’s credibility and your reputation as a reliable association will also help in building your client’s reliability, improving the entire partnership for potential collaboration.

Easy Deployment and Management

Deploying a cloud-based windows server backup solution is simple and quickly carried out when you choose a cloud backup provider that has proficiency and ability to integrate it seamlessly. This efficient process offers a one-time install process which removes the old-fashioned system of hardware packages that used to mess software setups. You can choose to have a regular backup schedule which reduces the odds of data loss.

Server Updates

No matter what any company tells you, technologies keep on updating and advancing. If you want your organization to be ahead of the competitors and stay on top of the market, you need to be updated, and keep your organization’s resources updated as well. Fear of losing the company’s critical data and files should not stop a company from growing. Server backups are extremely important, and we, Backup Everything help in avoiding data breaches and software malfunctions.

Backup and Restore Exchange Server with Windows Server Backup

Windows Server Backup WSB can be used to back up and restore Exchange databases. Exchange includes a plug-in for WSB that lets you make Volume Shadow Copy Service VSS based backups of Exchange server. Backups taken using windows server backup occur at the volume level, and the only way to carry out an application-level backup or restore is to choose an entire volume. The backup can be created on a local disk or on a remote network share. It is advisable to take full backups only. Log truncation will occur only after a successful completion of a VSS full backup of a volume or folders holding an Exchange database.

Windows Server Backup

Now is the time to add windows server backup services to your organization and reap the benefit of the increasing demand from businesses of all size and industries. Backup Everything is an extremely efficient, fast, and secure Windows server backup solution provider that is sure to offer exceptional support to its users. With Backup Everything, you can easily and very efficiently take an entire backup of your system on the cloud. Backup Everything supports the backup and recovery of Microsoft Exchange server, as well as image backup of the entire Exchange server, with automated cloud backup options. Also, you can perform a bare metal backup of the complete windows system.